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Client Testimonials

We're excited about clients improving their quality of movement, reducing pain and gaining confidence in what their bodies are capable of.
At Align, we are considerate to the fact that many of our clients have chosen to join us as a "gym" alternative. Their privacy and comfort is important to us - that's why you won't see many visual showcases of success stories.


"Working with Brianna the past 6 months has been honestly life changing, I did not realise the impact training could have on how I feel day to day. My whole life I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks, and I have never felt more capable to manage these feelings than when I have been to the gym."


"For someone who had never had back pain before, the pain I had developed due to work had made a significantly negative impact on my life. I originally joined the gym intending to train on my own. Three months went by and there was no change, that's when I met Brianna. On my first session I came in a bit hesitant. I'd never training with a trainer before and I wasn't sure what to expect. But by the end of the first session I was surprised at how much Brianna had picked up. She had identified the cause of my back pain and highlighted the areas that needed to be worked on and to top it off I was having fun. It's been three months since my first session and I can honestly say it was the best investment I have made. I no longer have back pain and I've started enjoying my job again. I now go into work feeling happy and not worrying about hurting myself. This is all down to Brianna. She's provided me with the motivation to keep going when I couldn't. She is not only a smiley and positive person but she also knows her fitness and is generally an all-round down to earth amazing person!"




"When I met Brianna, she understood me straight away and helped me get in shape and gain my confidence again. I can walk properly and move properly and my posture is getting better. I can walk and do more activities and I have come off my pain relief."

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