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Our Team

At Align Functional Fitness, we've partnered with other health professionals to form a fully integrated, multidisciplinary team that surrounds our clients, giving them support all round.

We are passionate about being able to provide a high quality of personalised coaching and support services to those who may be limited by movement restrictions, or feel hesitant about exercise.

Our carefully designed studio provides a space for clients seeking a private, homely and quiet gym alternative.​We pride ourselves on the methodical, scientifically-backed and functional approach we adopt when designing programs for each individual client. Laying a solid foundation to the way our clients move and helping them gain awareness and trust in their own movements before building upon balance, flexibility, strength, endurance and power. ​

If you want to experience moving better, feeling stronger and living healthier, we'd love to talk to you!

Our Team: About

If you're interested in being part of our multidisciplinary team - get in touch today! We'd love to hear from you!

Our Team: Team Members
Brianna Wehner

Brianna Wehner

Founder | Exercise Oncology Instructor | Corrective Exercise Specialist | Personal Trainer | BSc - Biochemistry

Brianna is passionate about helping improve functional movements to those who may be limited by movement restrictions or feel hesitant about exercise. 
Proudly affiliated with Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, Brianna was inspired by her mum's own exercise journey through her treatment. “I have a special connection to coaching clients who are afflicted by cancer. We are proud to be the international provider of Exercise Oncology programs here in New Zealand for Maple Tree Cancer Alliance and continue to advocate for exercise to be recognised as a standard practise of care for Cancer Patients.”

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