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Align Studio

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Want to talk to us directly about your goals, situation and expectations, or have a look around our facility?

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Physio Balance Bosu Ball

Physiotherapy & Neurophysiotherapy

ACC Accredited Provider. 

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Exercise Oncology Programs


Empowered by Maple Tree Cancer Alliance - Our Qualified Exercise Oncology Instructors are here to help you stay active and move well, from diagnosis right through treatment, rehabilitation and through into long term. When designing your bespoke program we take into account every aspect of your situation including type of cancer, stage, treatment type, medication, side-effects and all other factors.

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Corrective Exercise & Exercise-Based Rehabilitation Programs

Our CEx Specialist helps address and fix movement compensations and imbalances to improve your overall quality of movement, both in the gym and throughout your day to day life. Reducing the stress on your body, especially at your feet, knees and hips.

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Personal Training Programs

Our programs utilise functional exercises that will help you improve the ability of your muscles to work together. By stimulating common movements that you might do at home, at work or in sport during your sessions we can train your body for stronger, pain-free, more efficient movement.


Holistic Health Coaching

Morgan supports individuals living in the fast-paced world of overwhelm, juggling the busy life of stressful jobs, poor sleep, diets that don't work, and chronic health conditions.

She has a background as a Registered Nurse and followed her passion for health and wellbeing. Now, she uses evidence-based lifestyle medicine knowledge and health coaching skills to create a bespoke journey for you.

She believes that lifestyle is medicine, and a balance of the five wellness pillars is essential in you living a rich, full life.

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Align Functional Fitness

Exercise Oncology

Physiotherapy & Neurophysiotherapy

Holistic Health Coaching

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