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Bespoke Exercise Programmes

Personal Training | Corrective Exercise | Exercise-Based Rehabilitation

Bespoke Exercise Programmes: Text

How our Memberships work


During your consultation we'll discuss your health & medical history, exercise goals and expectations. After learning a bit about you, we'll outline an overview of how your personalised program might look and discuss our recommendations for achieving your goals.

Movement Screen

Using a couple of simple, non-intensive movement assessments we will gather information about your unique movement profile, including muscles suspected to be over- or under-active. This helps us select the appropriate exercises, modifications and progressions for your program.

Your Program

Based on our recommendations, your schedule, budget and any other contributing factors we will outline a Program to best suit your needs. 
Variables of your customised program will include number of coached sessions per week and duration of sessions.

Bespoke Exercise Programmes: List


(Prices include gst)

All Memberships


  • 60 min x Initial Assessment Session - Movement and Posture Screen, Baseline Metrics

  • 4-6 Week Personalised Exercise Programme - Includes updates, modifications & access to app

  • 60 min x Re-Test, Review and Programme Update Session (every 4 weeks)

  • Ongoing Communication with your coach

  • 24/7 Key Card Access

Membership Options

Starting at $48/wk

  • Flexi Membership

  • Habit Builder

  • Consistency Keeper

  • Platinum Plus

Tandem Sessions

Want to train with friend, family member or colleague? Try our Tandem Training options


Other Variables


For other variables that will suit you best please get in touch to discuss. Our goal is to create customised programs that suit you, your goals, your schedule and your budget

Bespoke Exercise Programmes: List

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