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Exercise Oncology

Empowered by Maple Tree Cancer Alliance

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To date, 11,000 cancer patients have been through the evidence-based Maple Tree Cancer Alliance exercise programmes worldwide. The data shows that clients who participate in MTCA programmes, on average experience:

  • Improvements in cardiovascular endurance

  • Increase in muscular endurance

  • Increase in flexibility

  • Increase in quality of life

  • Decreased average length of hospital stay

  • Decreased emergency room visits

  • Significantly less pain

  • Significantly less fatigue

  • Fewer unplanned hospital encounters

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Brianna Wehner

Brianna Wehner

Founder | Exercise Oncology Educator & Instructor | BSc - Biochemistry

Brianna is passionate about helping improve functional movements to those who may be limited by movement restrictions or feel hesitant about exercise. 

Proudly affiliated with Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, Brianna was inspired by her mum's own exercise journey through her treatment. “I have a special connection to coaching clients who are afflicted by cancer. We are proud to be the international provider of Exercise Oncology programs here in New Zealand for Maple Tree Cancer Alliance and continue to advocate for exercise to be recognised as a standard practise of care for Cancer Patients.”

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Our Programme

Evidence-Based Phases of Our Exercise Oncology Programme

Phase 0


Goal: To obtain baseline measurements and improve functional capacity in order to reduce treatment-related side effects.

Who: Clients who have been diagnosed with cancer but yet to start treatment.

Phase I

During Treatment

Goal: To attenuate treatment-related side effects and promote immune function

Who: Clients who are presently receiving chemotherapy or radiation.

Phase II

Post Treatment

Goal: To reduce the physical and functional limitations created by treatment.

Who: Clients who only had surgery or hormone treatment, or who have completed chemotherapy or radiation.

Phase III

Life Long

Goal: To improve physiological and psychological values beyond initial baseline measurements and get clients back to functional health.

Who: Clients who have completed Phase II

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