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Our Mission

The human body is made for movement – however, our daily routines can impact the way we move, our posture, biomechanics, flexibility, and our overall activity levels. 
Our purpose at Align is to help improve your functional movement for activities of daily living. 

Functional exercises are utilised to enhance the ability of your muscles to work together safely and effectively during everyday activities. By simulating common movements that you might do at home, at work or in sport during our programs we can train your muscles for stronger, more efficient and pain-free movement. 
Limitations, restricted movement or pain along your kinetic chain may be an indication that it is compromised. By emphasising functional fitness we can optimise your body for maintaining good health, avoiding injury, forming better movement patterns and holding better posture.

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A Note from Brianna

Founder | Cancer Exercise Specialist | Exercise Oncology Instructor
Corrective Exercise Specialist | Personal Trainer

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I'm passionate about being able to provide a high quality of personalised coaching to those who may be limited by movement restrictions, or feel hesitant about exercise.

I have a special connection to coaching clients who are afflicted by cancer, inspired by my mums own exercise journey through her treatment. I am proud to be partnered with Maple Tree Cancer Alliance as their international provider of Exercise Oncology programs here in New Zealand and continue to advocate for exercise to be recognised as an integral part of standard care for Cancer patients. 

Our newly opened studio provides a space for clients seeking a private, homely and quiet gym alternative.​We pride ourselves on the methodical, scientifically-backed and functional approach we adopt when designing programs for each individual client. Ensuring that we lay a solid foundation to the way our clients move before building up strength, endurance and power. ​

I love watching our clients grow in confidence, not just in their understanding of movement and exercise, but also in their body awareness and trust in their own movements, balance, strength and flexibility.

If you want to experience moving better, feeling stronger and living healthier, I'd love to talk to you!

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Cancer Exercise Specialist

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute

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Exercise Oncology Instructor

Maple Tree Cancer Alliance


Corrective Exercise Specialist

The National Academy of Sports Medicine


Certified Personal Trainer

The American Council on Exercise

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